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students showing their genuine smileWe help parents who are frustrated with the lack of manners and etiquette skills in their children. They often tell us they wish they had more time or knew a better way to teach these important skills. We help them through fun, affordable, and effective workshops that bridge the manners and etiquette skill gaps in their children. We are experts at helping others reach their potential.

Only $95 for all 4 Sessions!
The Young Sophisticate is an age-appropriate manners and etiquette workshop that is designed to help students ages 13-17 learn self-confidence and respect for themselves and others. It is a fun and interactive workshop that spans 4 sessions.

Curriculum highlights below:

Session 1

  • Positive First Impressions
  • Impeccable Introductions
  • Table Manners
  • Restaurant Dining Etiquette
  • Table Setting Practice

Session 2

  • Conversation Skills
  • Cellphone, Email, and Texting Courtesy
  • Social Network Manners

Session 3

  • Talking about money
  • Thank You Notes
  • Good Personal Habits

Session 4

  • Confidence and Body Language
  • Interview Skills and Tips
  • Putting it all together

Despite Great Intentions, Children are Missing a Solid Foundation ofManners and Etiquette

We understand that life is busy and teaching manners and etiquette to your children is an ongoing challenge. We are here to help bridge that gap and teach these important skills.

Teacher and the students smiling

Helping Children Reach Their Potential


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